Best Andrologist In Jaipur

Best andrologist in Jaipur

The mounting rate of infert ility among males is one of the core reasons why they search for best andrologist in Jaipur. Andrology has been identified as the branch of medical science that primarily emphasizes and deals with the reproductive health of males. If you are suffering from any diseases related to male reproductive organs, it will be in the best interest that you should approach the andrologist to get proper treatment for the problem diagnosed. We believe that Male infertility is an important issue to be discussed and therefore our top andrologists help males by providing them useful consultation and treatment options for overcoming their problems.

How the best andrologist in Jaipur can be beneficial for you?

Andrology has been considered as the male counterpart of gynaecology. This is because as the gynaecology deals with the problems related to female reproductive organs, similarly the andrology is concerned with problems related to male reproductive organs. Here are the multiple issues that are treated by the andrologist are as follows:

  • Infertility
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Male Hormone Deficiency
  • Prostate disease


About 50% of infertility issues are the result of male-related infertility causes. Jaipur city is expanding at a rapid pace and so the changing lifestyle that is responsible for multiple infertility related diseases. The best andrologist in Jaipur can be a good option for you as you can receive timely treatment for diverse types of causes that lead to infertility in males.

Erectile Dysfunction

This one of the most common problems is men in which they are not able to maintain or attain erection during the time of intercourse. This is a condition that cannot be easily overcome and causes greater discomfort to males in the long run. Top Andrologists can suggest the relevant treatment and medication for solving the issue.

Male Hormone Deficiency

Androgens or the male hormone are assumed to play a crucial role as they help males in defining their male attributes. Any kind of imbalance in the proportion of these hormones can be a reason for infertility among men. A healthy consultation with professional andrologists can suggest practical solutions for overcoming the problem.

Prostate disease

This is one of the commonly found diseases in the male in old age (mainly after 50 years). The semen production is generally affected by the dysfunctioning of the prostate gland. In Jaipur, the best andrologist can provide treatment for prostatitis, enlargement of the prostate gland and prostate cancer.

To successfully treat the male infertility problems, correct diagnosis of the problem is the first initial step that is required to be taken and that too at the right time. Matratva provides you with the best-in-class treatment facilities coupled with a team of best andrologists in Jaipur who understand the minutest aspect of your problems. The two most commonly adopted diagnosis methods include semen analysis and the general physical examination of the body.

Further, for detecting the real cause of the infertility problem, the patient can be suggested certain additional tests that include:

The testicles, pituitary gland, and hypothalamus secrete hormones that are important for the production of sperm and sexual development. Any kind of abnormality or imbalance in these hormones can generate fertility-related problems in males. Moreover, the best andrologists generally suggest a blood test to measure the level of testosterone and other hormones.

This is one of the tests that is conducted to check the survival rate of sperms. Thus, the andrologists can analyze how effectively the sperm can penetrate the egg and if there is any potential problem while attaching to the egg.

This method is usually adopted for taking samples from the testicles with the help of needles. The core purpose is to identify infertility problems in the case when the rate of sperm production is normal.