IVF Treatment For Pregnancy In Jaipur

IVF treatment for pregnancy in Jaipur

Despite all efforts, are you still not able to conceive? Don’t lose hope.

The IVF treatment for pregnancy in Jaipur is a ray of hope for all those couples who are facing challenges related to infertility in their life. Infertility among females can be identified as the condition where the female reproductive system is not suitable for the conception of children and therefore, restricts the pregnancy in females. Sometimes, there are certain factors in males also that contribute to infertility but most of the time, females are held responsible for infertility.

How the IVF treatment for pregnancy in Jaipur can help the infertile couple to fulfill their dream of building a family?

The infertility specialists suggest for IVF treatment to couples when they are diagnosed with one or more conditions mentioned below:

  • Blocked fallopian tubes or tubes damaged to a high extent
  • Relatively low sperm account
  • Sperm with less motility
  • Endometriosis
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Advancing age
  • The inability of ovaries to produce eggs primarily after 35 years of age
  • Ovulation related issues
  • Unexplained fertility
  • Problems with the cervical mucus
IVF Treatment For Pregnancy In Jaipur

The IVF treatment for pregnancy in Jaipur considers all these conditions and provides the couples facing infertility challenges, an opportunity to become biological parents. The process of IVF treatment is relatively expensive as compared to IUI treatment as the process involves highly sophisticated laboratories with trained professionals who perform the process outside the body in a laboratory. After the formation of the embryo takes place, it is placed within the uterus.

Apart from this, there are also conventional methods that help in treating the problem of infertility, for example through medication and surgical treatment that aims to repair the reproductive organs of both males and females. Before going for the treatment, it is advised that the couple should have complete knowledge about the risks that are included in the IVF treatment:

Suppose, more than one embryo is transferred to the uterus, then it can result in high-risk pregnancy. The child that is born under such type of pregnancy generally have low weight and carries the risk of multiple birth diseases.

The IVF treatment specialists that those females who adopt the IVF treatment, there is a greater risk that the baby might be born before time which can further lead to complications.

In addition to this, under the IVF treatment for pregnancy in Jaipur, the success rate depends on several factors that depict whether the treatment is a successful one or not.

It is known that the younger the female would be, there will be greater chances that the treatment can be successful and you can give birth to a healthy child.

It is suggested that females should adopt a healthy lifestyle by avoiding habits of smoking that can result in a 50% reduction in the success rate of IVF treatment for pregnancy. Furthermore, women should also avoid habits like drinking alcohol, the use of caffeine and certain types of recreational drugs that can disturb the entire process. Obesity should also be checked and it is advised that women should maintain a healthy body weight.

Thus, if you are not able to conceive after making a lot of efforts, IVF treatment for pregnancy in Jaipur at fertility centers like Matratva can be beneficial for you and can lay the foundation for your happy family.