Men’s Sexual Health

The men’s sexual health can be referred to as the state of well-being that enables a male to actively participate in sexual activity. There can be a range of factors that impacts the sexual health of male, for example, social, psychological, interpersonal and physical factors. The andrologists for ensuring optimal male sexual health focus on enhancing sexual desire and at the same time improving the sexual ability of the male to sustain a better erection.

The men’s sexual health focuses on a host of male sexual dysfunction like erectile dysfunction, reduced sex drive, and ejaculation disorders. According to doctors treating male sexual disorders, certain causes lead to sexual dysfunction in males: Physical causes might include:

  • Reduced levels of testosterone
  • Drug abuse and excessive intake of alcohol
  • Use of prescription drugs:
  • Anti anxiety, anti deppresant, anti psychotic drugs like SSRI and TCA
  • Anti Hypertension drugs like beta blockers
  • Lifestyle diseases like diabetes mellitus with Hypertension
  • Smoking

Psychological reasons can be held equally responsible for sexual dysfunction:

  • Depression
  • Work generated stress and anxiety
  • Relationship difficulties

The treatment process for sexual dysfunction initiates with the diagnosis process wherein the first and foremost step is to conduct a physical examination of the body. The andrologist delivering treatment will recommend for the blood test to gain knowledge about the cholesterol, testosterone level along with blood sugar level. In addition to this, it is also suggested that a complete analysis and examination of testicles and penis is also suggested to find any major abnormality and defects in these organs. In some cases, the prostate also appears as one of the reasons for sexual dysfunction. Thus, males are preferred to go for a rectal examination of the prostate so that true reason can be detected. Lastly, we all know discussing such matters is quite embarrassing but hiding the facts can limit the doctor from providing the best treatment for ensuring superior male sexual health.