penile implant specialist in jaipur

Penile implant specialist in Jaipur

Are you suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and don't know where to go and whom to consult?

The penile implant specialist in Jaipur is the most suitable solution for your problem and also you can get the needed consultation so that you can manage with your problem. Erectile dysfunction is recognized as the inability to achieve and sustain an erection needed during the time of sexual intercourse. Penile implants are identified as the devices that are placed inside the penis to help males overcome the problem of erectile dysfunction for attaining a suitable erection. Moreover, the penile implant is considered to be one of the last options that are recommended by the specialists in case the other treatments for the problem fail.

How the penile implant specialist in Jaipur can provide relief to males suffering from ED?

The specialists of penile implant treatment before initiating the implant process considers several factors, such as the requirements and preferences of the male so that best results can be obtained. Apart from this, the doctor will also carry out discussion regarding certain other factors to gain a better understanding about the problem so that maximum results can be achieved. A quick look over the other factors will help in analyzing the situation more conveniently:

  • If the patient has a history of kidney transplant
  • Size and shape of the body
  • Life expectancy
  • History of previous pelvic and abdominal surgery
  • Presence of colostomy
  • Age of the male and his partner
  • Size of other glands such as scrotum and penis
penile implant specialist in jaipur

Although the penile implant treatment is one of the least offered treatments to male for overcoming the problem of erectile dysfunction but the different studies shows that most of the time, the male and their partners can receive necessary satisfaction with the devices.

In addition to this, the penile implant specialist in Jaipur based on the situation of individual patient offers two main types of penile implants:

  • Inflatable implants
  • This is the most commonly used type of penile implant which are inflatable devices that can be inflated and deflated for creating an erection according to the needs of the patients. Some specialists also suggest for inflatable penile implants that are provided with antibiotic coating that results in decreasing the risk of occurrence of infection. Moreover, other special penile implant designs can be useful to the patients that are suffering from the problem of shortening of pennis. These can provide increased length to the patient.

  • Semi Rigid rods
  • These are relatively firm and thus, penis can be moved towards the body and away from the body as per the need of the male. The core benefit of this type of implant is that it can maintain the downward and upward position significantly better than the other semi rigid rods.

The surgical procedure adopted for penile implantation can be painful and you will be required to take pain relieving medicines to avoid the pain caused after the surgery. The patient might experience mild pain for a few weeks and therefore, taking the right antibiotics will help you avoid infection and pain. The penile implant specialist in Jaipur will provide clear instructions regarding when to resume the routine activities so that the patient can live a normal life.